Satire's playing card project


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Feb 8, 2024
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City of Lost Children
If you are unaware, a few years ago, I decided to draw playing cards from the standard 52 card deck, the Loteria, and (although they aren't playing cards), the Tarot. I don't believe or follow the Tarot, but honestly, my old friend Stephanie did. And that kind of sparked my interest, as they are very visual.

Along the way, I also made many one-offs such as Clue, a baseball card, Monopoly, Pokémon, and others.

This project pre-dates me going digital, so many of the old cars are analog.

Here I am, nearly ten years later, and I am finally towards the home stretch, cracking the face cards and nesting the end.

A very common question is if I will ever get a deck printed?
Nope. These cards are unplayable as a deck. Not only are the art styles for each card intentionally unique, but some suits are non-American suits, such as bells, coins, crowns, and such.

That said, after it's done, I think I will make an actual, playable deck of 52 standard playing cards, with a consistent art style.

Anyway, this thread is for me to share my progress, starting with my current cards and eventually, I will try and post some of the old onss.